Best Fairy Outdoor Garden Kit

Have you ever seen such an adorable and fantastic outdoor garden kit setup that you just couldn’t help feeling like you were stepping through a door into a magical land? Whenever we experience a fairy garden setup, that’s how we do. There’s just something that makes a garden feel like a much more relaxing and wonderful place than it always is about the whimsical little models and scenes. We wanted to create our own fairy garden for a long time, but we were, like many people we know, under the assumption that this was a major undertaking involving designing your own DIY models entirely and painting each one in detail.

Although that’s obviously something many people do, and indeed do quite beautifully, we recently found that, thanks to fairy garden kits, fairy gardens are actually much simpler and more available and inexpensive to create than we ever imagined. That’s why we scoured the internet and gathered the links to find the finest, most adorable kits for the fairy garden we could find. We really took the extra time to compare and contrast the specifics and characteristics of some of our favourite choices since we’ve been shopping online. 

If you are looking for a way to add a little visual appeal to your patio table, backyard area, or even indoor space, a fairy garden might be something to consider. They’re a lovely choice to add something special to your home.

What is a Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden is your house or backyard’s enchanted little nook, lovingly built to attract fairies. Using simple materials and instruments that are easily found around the house, fairy gardens are usually built. For example, a planter pot may serve as the base and it is possible to repurpose left-over cardboard as garden decorations. There are also some fairy garden kits on the market to give you a head start, which we will talk about later.

A fun thing to do solo or with your little ones is putting a fairy garden together! If you’ve been trying to bring the whole family together for a fun hobby or something, this might be it. In your backyard, the mystic magic of a fairy garden will bring a dimension of mystery to the world and give you a more promising outlook on life. Cute, funky, bubbly, dark, elaborate, or super-simple can create them.

Who should buy a fairy garden kit?

Anyone with a garden or green space will benefit from creating a fairy garden if you ask us! They are a perfect way to add personality to gardens that don’t usually have a lot of visual blooms, or to make gardens look even more unique and beautifully thriving. Other styles offer great gifts, cheerful information for small spaces with minimal outdoor access, and practise gardens for beginners who want to learn in the hope that someday they can have their own larger garden. Age is only a number; creativity can be open to anyone.

Best Fairy Outdoor Garden Kits 

1. My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage – Grow & Play Set

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage - Grow & Play Set

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  • Seeds and Fairy Seed Starter
  • Mushroom Chimney
  • Water Barrel
  • Flowerpot Cottage
  • Ladybug House
  • Wind Spinner
  • Table and Tea Set

If you want something kid friendly, at that point we figure you may like the manner in which this fairy garden kit from Play Monster outskirts somewhere close to being a learning experience and being a toy. This fairy garden includes a dazzling little fairy measured home that is very little planting pot.

You can pick between utilizing the remembered soil and seeds to make a garden for either or the two levels, or leaving one void to make a little stream on the base. The included fairy doll, whose name is Isla, even accompanies a backstory that is an incredible beginning stage for a wide range of games.

The grower additionally includes a smaller than normal planting apparatus, a woman bug house that fits properly on top, and a breeze spinner that really turns in the breeze. Albeit most buyers of this model found the pieces themselves exceptionally adorable and simple to utilize, some had worries about the seed and soil packs.

They blended and planted effectively and sprouted well, yet some more experienced nursery workers helping their children saw that the amount of each was somewhat low and had worries that there wouldn’t be sufficient of one or either for fruitful blossoming.

  • Pot size is good 
  • Accessories are cute and fun to do 
  • Soil and seeds are included into the package 
  • Quantity of soil and seeds are too low 

2. WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kitand Solar LED Lights

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  • High quality construction and safety tested 
  • Comes with a set of 13 miniature fairy garden accessories
  • Has mystical LED lights that glow by night 
  • Designer Box with Full Instructions
  • Mixed Bag of Glow Pebbles and Glass Stones

This little unit from Wild Pixy is ideal for the individuals who actually need some authority over the look and format however don’t have the opportunity or assets to really shape and paint them without anyone else. The pack incorporates an aggregate of 13 adornment pieces that are scaled to “fairy size” and planned to pull in pixies to your garden like a heaven. They show up in a delightful blessing box and can be set up in multitudinous designs without losing any appeal.

The bigger parts (like the house, extension, and seat) additionally include minimal sun oriented boards on their backs that ingest daylight the entire day to utilize that energy to control little LED light highlights around evening time, making your fair garden shine. Despite the fact that the audits for this specific unit are overwhelmingly certain, remember that it accompanies a few little pieces.

This may be a thought with regards to the age of your youngsters or, in case you’re setting it up yourself, you’ll need to keep an exceptionally cautious track of them so you don’t lose any pieces in the soil or among the plants before you’ve even done orchestrating them.

  • Innumerable arrangement options
  • Comes with a nice packaging 
  • Has LED lightning at night 
  • There are some small piece of kits that might get losted 

3. Windmill Terrace Solar Power Playset

My Fairy Garden Windmill Terrace Solar Power Playset -- Grow Your Own Magical Garden!

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  • You can  customize your fairy garden 
  • Seeds, plants or flowers can be added by personal choice 
  • The gourd house comes with a real solar panel
  • The solar panel will  make the windmill rotate
  • Has adding water options and by press the pump to make the water wheel work

In case you’re actually searching for a piece that would be appropriate for your youngster to start to lead the pack in setting up however you generally need to see more than one choice, here’s a charming option. This cute arrangement includes a windmill and water wheel framework that are sunlight based fueled and really turn.

The unit additionally accompanies its own dirt and seeds, yet functions admirably with your own seeds and soil in the event that you need to recharge it one year from now or need to plant something else. In spite of the fact that it’s a toy, it’s additionally outfitted towards assisting kids with learning and taking a stab at cultivating, in any event, accompanying its own arrangement of little instruments. 

In the surveys, it was found that select models of this item highlight a wiring defect. This implies that a separation in its internal operations interferes with the force between the sun based board and the windmill including, bringing about a windmill that doesn’t really turn

  • Comes with soil, seeds and other planting tools
  • Has windmill and water wheel system
  • Solar powered for turning pieces
  • Has some wiring issues 

4. Easy Grow Complete Fairy Garden kit

TerraGreen Creations - Easy Grow Complete Fairy Garden kit - Includes All Supplies for Making A Enchanted and Magical Fairy Garden - Great Indoor Garden -...

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  • A complete indoor Garden kit 
  • Glass globe measures 4 1/2 inches tall
  • Featured with  pea gravel to ensure proper draining
  • Comes with activated charcoal to remove toxins.
  • Includes easy grow seeds that sprout within a couple Day

Your little fairy garden may vibe better with this basic DIY unit from TerraGreen Creations. This pack furnishes you with a novel molded and very lovely glass planting bowl that allows spectators to see all the inward functions of the garden.

It accompanies natural soil and some advantageous added substances, chia seeds that are essentially to think about as they sprout, and a scope of stylistic layout things, including painted pitch toadstools, cleaned stones, and fake yet earth amicable greenery. It’s the ideal unit for individuals who worship the vibe of terrariums. Although most past purchasers communicated incredible joy with this pack generally, a couple of individuals had worries about the greenery and the nature of the torment utilized.

Imperfections appear to be an exemption as opposed to a standard to the extent more extensive receipts go, however a few people found that their toadstools’ tone was stripping, while others noticed a fake and practically plastic-like smell to the greenery that reduced how characteristic they needed their terrarium fairy garden to appear.

  • Available in many sizes
  • Nutrients, soil and chia seeds included 
  • Resembles a terrarium
  • Some moss have plastic smell

5. PaBu GuLi DIY Gnome Garden Kit

PaBu GuLi DIY Gnome Garden Kit - Boy and Girl Gnomes with Miniature Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow and Accessory Set

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  • Package includes  3.5 inch Boy & Girl Gnomes with Wheelbarrow
  • Accessories come with Faux “Moss Covered” Rocks
  •  3 Pots and Faux Succulent
  • White Clover Seed

In case you’re actually inclining more towards making a capricious elf garden instead of an explicitly fairy themed one, at that point here’s an incredible option from PaBu GuLi for you. Their pack, which incorporates two pitch elves that were hand tormented and climate treated, additionally gives you smaller than expected pots, sap succulents, a little handcart, and fake greenery canvassed rocks to help you make a scene like the dwarves are the ones doing the cultivating.

These would all be able to be masterminded in the plate, where you can without much of a stretch plant the included white clover seeds. The pack is expected to be low upkeep and reasonable for indoor or outside showcases, and use all alone or to supplement another presentation. In spite of the fact that this unit remembers seeds for its bundle, know that it doesn’t accompany soil included too.

  • Has  weather proof sealing on gnomes
  • Includes  miniature accessories 
  • Seeds are easy to plant and simple to care
  • Doesn’t include soil

6. Creative Roots Fairy Garden Kit

Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden by Horizon Group USA

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  • Includes 6 Hand painted figurines
  • Create and decorate an adorable fairy garden
  • For indoor or outdoor display
  • Soil and plants sold separately
  • Makes for a great gift or Rainy day craft activity

If you are generally inspired by the fairy garden kits that let you fabricate an otherworldly scene inside a planting plate however you discover the houses occupy a lot of space and diminish the developing plants, at that point you may make some better memories with this form from Creative Roots.

This unit gives you six hand painted puppets that are strong and sizable enough for use in an open air garden or in their particular plate however positioned outside, yet in addition sufficiently little to suit an indoor nursery space as well. The pieces sit well together in a lot of mixes, giving you a proportion of imaginative command over the scene. 

Notwithstanding giving you the vast majority of what you need to transform a garden into a fairy garden explicitly, this unit doesn’t really accompany any dirt or seeds like a considerable lot of them do. This implies that you should buy your own separately.

  • Well sized planting tray included
  • Good enough for indoor and outdoor 
  • Six different shaped fairy garden pieces
  • Doesn’t come with own potting soil and seeds

7. Little Planters Paint & Plant Fairy Garden kit 

Little Planters Paint & Grow Fairy Garden with Real Flowers and Magical Fairies - Paint, Plant and Grow Morning Glory, Zinnia and Alyssum Flowers

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  • Has the option to paint and decorate the planter as per choice 
  • Comes with non-toxic materials
  • Includes real flower seeds and high quality materials 
  • All the fairies come with a detachable base
  • The  planter is specially designed with chalkboard finish

If you are searching for a kid-friendly teaching apparatus this little planter fairy garden can be the most ideal choice. Not just it accompanies seeds, soil, and planting instruments that let your children investigate the cultivating cycle from the novice, however the fairy sculptures additionally show up clear and joined by paints so you actually get a creating component. The idea of the planter is basic enough that you can utilize it with independently bought soil and seeds of various types later on down the line. 

Although most buyers made some extraordinary memories utilizing this item with their kids, they additionally detailed a couple of perceptible blemishes. Initially, the grower that shows up is clearly a lot more modest than it shows up in the photographs, so make a point to check the real estimations and measurements before you make your buy. Besides, a few people found that where the pixies’ feet join their bases extremely delicate, and furthermore noticed that the amount of paint given was pretty much nothing and they needed to dunk into their own making stash.

  • A great teaching tool for kids 
  • Includes appropriate sized soil disc 
  • Includes seeds as well 
  • Planter size is small 

8. Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit

Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit - Miniature Bridge Fairy Garden Figurines with Accessories - Hand Painted Set of 6 pcs for Outdoor or House Decor

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  • Made of high-quality resin – Hand painted
  • Comes with sun protective and waterproof coating
  • Includes  Koi Pond, bridge and swan kit 
  • Kits are made from High-Grade durable Polyresin

If you are yet watching out for a plan that will really add a few fairies to your nursery with water scenes as well, at that point perhaps you’d coexist best with this extraordinary piece. Instead of being revolved around a house that fairies may live in among your plants, this piece shows a stunning lake and scaffold where pixies may come to sit in the sun and plunge their feet.

The pack even gives you a swan and a lily cushion to go with the scene. Each piece is made of excellent pitch that has been hand painted in detail and covered for climate opposition. They’re sufficiently little to be utilized inside in bigger planters or boxes yet adequately huge to be recognizable in an open air garden, giving you different alternatives. 

Despite the fact that these pieces should be climate safe, a few people found that the paint colors utilized on these pieces blurred at any rate a tad in the sun over the long haul. This was especially valid for the blue surface of the water in the lake.

  • Made with strong resin 
  • Weather resistant
  • Great size for indoor use also 
  • Some users found color got fade 

9. Spritely Gardens Deluxe 14-Piece Fairy Garden Kit

Spritely Gardens Deluxe 14-Piece Fairy Garden Kit with Accessories

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  • A set of 14 pieces garden kit
  • Made from durable resin
  • High quality material 
  • Built to withstand nature
  • The  gardens is non-toxic

In case you’re the sort of person who would prefer simply to make an exquisite small scene in the garden you as of now have, instead of planting something again, at that point you may discover this pack from Spritely Gardens more however you would prefer. This pack was made considering the dazzling point of interest, essentially intending to be perfectly eccentric yet in addition sensible, instead of attempting to oblige a specific age.

The pieces were shaped from strong sap and hand-painted, at that point covered to be rain and sun safe. They were additionally estimated purposefully; they’re still “smaller than usual” and appropriate for use in indoor gardens and enormous planters, but on the other hand, they’re made huge enough that they’ll stand apart brilliantly settled among your genuine nursery beds. You’ll get 14 pretty pieces on the whole. 

Despite the fact that this pack is measured explicitly, a portion of the pieces it incorporates are still tiny. This may be a preventative detail with regards to dressing your garden up in the event that you have small kids or undeveloped pets.

  • Made of durable resin 
  • Rain and sun resistant 
  • The size is suitable for indoor use 
  • Some pieces of kit is very small 

10. Akarden Fairy Garden

Akarden Fairy Garden, DIY Mini Succulent Pot, Fairy Design, Sweet House for Decoration,Indoor Decoration and Gift (Brick red)

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  • The  landscape flower pot comes with handmade crafts 
  • Great for small flowers and plants
  • Looks like fairy hanging garden 
  • Looks so stylish and adorable
  • Includes  three pots to grow plants or flowers 

The traditional cottage style fairy garden is designed and hand-painted to look flawlessly worn and antiquated, yet slick. It’s covered for weather resistance and made of strong materials, and gives three spaces to planting, with one on a lower level. It additionally includes minimal elastic pieces on the base to keep it strong and prevent it from sliding on any surface. This piece is reasonable for indoor or outside use. 

Know that a lot of the audits for this item report the whole pot as being a lot more modest than it shows up in photographs. This implies that the space where the plants are housed is additionally more modest than it may look, which could require a touch of replanning.

  • Traditional style design 
  • Durable material 
  • Weather resistant 
  • The plotting size is small 

11. Resin Miniature Fairy Garden Kits

Resin Miniature Fairy Garden Kits

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  • Comes with 47 styles pieces, a small house and a tree stump 
  • Made of polyresin
  • The kits have a stable structure and weight
  • waterproof, rust-proof
  • Designed with handcrafted artwork 

This seaside theme kit from Aubasic comes with blue (naturally protected) sand, genuine shells, and range of plastic painted fish, boats, and different highlights. As opposed to working with structures, you’re ready to fabricate a little scene among your plants, sorted out any way you please. The endless piece mixes offered by the number of things you get gives you huge loads of inventive control. 

It’s significant that the pieces contained in this pack are minuscule. This isn’t inalienably something awful, however, it makes them a gagging danger for little kids or youthful pets. It likewise makes them simple to lose among the leaves and soil, and simple for inquisitive untamed life like squirrels to grab when you’re not looking.

  • Comes with real seashells 
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Package of Wide array of shapes and pieces 
  • Sizes are too small that easy to loose 

12. cnomg Pot Creative Plants Fairy garden Kits 

 cnomg Pot Creative Plants DIY Container Pot Mini Fairy Garden Flower Plants and Sweet House for Decoration, Holiday Decoration, Indoor Decoration and Gift...

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  • Made from resin
  • Lightweight and easy to move 
  • Great for small flowers and plants
  • The pot has three areas to plan different types of plants 
  • Has environmental protection and safety

This beautiful little planter is made with realistic concealing to resemble an antiquated fairy cottage that may have been around since the time fairy folklores began. It highlights three planting spaces, giving you the choice of establishing greenery in every one of the three, or simply doing two and filling one with water like a little lake. The plan suits indoor or outside use. 

Notwithstanding the way that most past purchasers found the grower charming and simple to work with, a couple of had preventative notes about the size. They report that the grower spots and furthermore the general piece itself are very somewhat more modest than they show up in photographs, which limits what you can plant marginally.

  • Old fashioned designing 
  • Has three ports for planting 
  • Works great as indoor planter 
  • The pieces are small than looks like in the photo 

Buying Guide For Fairy Outdoor Garden Kit


Not only will setting a particular theme for your fairy garden breathe life into it, but it will also make the preparation much simpler. What kind of climate do you want? Does the setting have a storey behind it? Do you go for something cheerful and wet, or something melancholy? Tundra, woodland, or beach? A tea party, a summer resort or a mediaeval one?

There don’t hesitate! Using your imagination to find just what you want and work of all the possibilities!

DIY or Buy

First, how much time and effort you’re able to put into this project should be decided. You can DIY the entire thing using materials you have around the house if you want a very interactive fairy garden-building experience . You can easily buy a kit to put together if you don’t have a lot of time on your calendar or aren’t very crafty.

You can also use a mixture of DIY and store-bought pieces, of course!


If your garden will be indoors or outdoors, the materials you select will depend on what look you’re aiming for. In particular, outdoor gardens may demand high-quality materials. Look for those that are weatherproof, sun-resistant and won’t fade over time. The goods of the highest quality on our list are made of resin or polyresin materials known for their ability to withstand the weather and their daily use. Special coatings that shield the figurines from water, sunlight, and the elements have been completed by others.


Whenever you intend to buy something or take up a new hobby, budget is something you have to worry about. The good news is that all sorts of materials and decorations can be purchased at very little expense! Check your local art or hobby shops for sales or head over to a ‘dollar’ shop to see what you can find if you’re going to DIY your fairy garden.

Tell yourself how much you’re prepared to pay if you intend to buy most of your ready-made materials. At a variety of price points and with varying features, Fairy garden kits are available. Shop around and find the ones for you that fit best!

Types of Fairy Garden Kits

  • Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit –  On Amazon, the Magical Fairy Garden Kit is available for purchase. It is intended for children to create the garden themselves and maintain it. To get your garden started, the kit comes with a floral platter, potting soil, and seeds. It will be topped off with a bright ground cover, a fairy house, and sparkling gems. A collection of acrylic paints is also included in the package, so your child can decorate the house any way they want.
  • Fairy Garden Natural Kit –  When you start your own fairy garden, this kit available at the Hobby Lobby is constructed to give you a few extra special items. It contains many types of moss, including Spanish and reindeer moss, as well as bark from the terrarium. A moss mat that you can use as a carpet or cut into smaller pieces to use as blanket rugs in your fairy garden is also included.
  • Miniature Classical Garden Kit – You might love the Classical Miniature Garden Kit if you are looking for the ideal traditional fairy garden accessories. A beautifully designed French chateau that will act as the focal point of your garden is the main feature of this package. In order for you to plant your own favourite varieties of plants and flowers, many accompanying planters are included.
  • Happy Campers Miniature Gardening Set – This collection will find outdoor lovers especially charming. A bright green camping tent and a small campfire are included in the package. The camping supplies are accompanied by two porcupine figurines, a fox and a squirrel to finish off the package. Such accessories in a rustic fairy garden setting with varieties of evergreens will look especially sweet.

Fairy Garden House

There must be a house for the fairies to live in each fairy garden. These are one of the highlights of a garden and a simple way to show the subject of your garden to your onlookers. Look for one when selecting a fairy house that reflects the theme and overall feel of what your garden would be. Are you more inclined towards a more conventional home, a cabin, or a cottage? You’ll want to make sure the house fits with the garden accessories you buy, and vice versa.

  • Cottages – Fairy garden cottages have the look of a fairy-tale. They are mostly built from natural rock, with a birch or cedar circular door carved into the stone. They come in a wide range of sizes and forms, but they all look like natural stones.
  • Castles – A castle deserves every fairy! In various sizes and types, you can buy a range of castles. They are made of stone, metal or ceramics of natural origin. You can buy a simple castle if you would like to paint your own and paint it with a range of waterproof acrylics.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

So now it’s time to create your fairy garden, finally! You’ve put your materials together, designed your concept and are ready to put it together.

  • Fill The Container – Filling the container with the potting mix that you bought is the first step to actually assembling your fairy garden. In order for your plants to survive, remember to buy one with well-draining ingredients. About three-fourths of the way, you’ll want to fill the container so that you have plenty of space for plants and accessories.
  • Add The Plants – Now it’s time for your different plants to be planted! It usually looks better to plant your tallest plant or small tree at the back of the pot to establish the aesthetic of a closed-in environment. The sides can be filled by medium-height plants. For your groundcover plants and moss, reserve the middle and front field. Consider leaving them in the pots and shifting them around the planter if you’re not sure where your plants would look best. Before you settle on a layout, try them out in various areas and inspect the garden from a few different angles. Note, you are trying to build a world which is closed-in and stands on its own.

You may also want to add that right now if you have a big fairy house or other structure. This will ensure that your greenery is arranged around the house properly.

  • Add Structures and Groundcover – If you have not previously attached groundcover to your house of fairies, now is the time. It is worth adding in some other big figurines or pieces. To build paths and grassy areas, add your moss and pebbles. To build areas that look like cliffs, ponds or wooded areas, you can use tiny sticks or larger rocks. Using your ingenuity!
  • Add Accessories – It’s time for the fun part right now. This is where you can build your fairy world using your clever ideas. Using little figurines, benches, tables, or chairs to set little scenes. This is something that can be changed as much as you want. It is as easy to update your fairy garden as adding or removing a few parts to modify the scene you are depicting. For each holiday, some individuals decorate their gardens, and each time gives you an opportunity for a new theme. Make sure your accessories are weather-proof if you have not already done so. If they are not a clear protective gloss, such as a clear nail polish, is highly recommended to cover them. It will help to maintain the accessories’ paint and design so that they will not be harmed by weather changes.
  • Water The Garden – It’s time to water your garden until everything is in order. Just be sure to dampen the soil with ample water. By sticking your index finger into the soil, you will know it is time to re-water again. If you find that the soil is about half an inch dry, it’s time to re-water it. This will keep the roots of your plant hydrated properly without causing them to rot.

Types of Plants

  • Asparagus Fern – Asparagus ferns are a mini-tree that makes them suitable for a fairy garden. To build a forest look, you can plant many of these, or just a single one to serve as a focal point. They prefer indirect, bright light, so they are perfect for a window facing south or west. You’ll find that the asparagus fern is tolerant of dry air if you live in a dry environment.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary is a fun way for your garden to add some greenery but use it as a herb garden. In maximum sunshine, it thrives and needs a large amount of humidity. Keep it periodically watered, and even if you clip it every few days to add a fresh flavour to your meal, it will keep rising.
  • Golden Creeping Speedwell-This is a lovely, low to the ground, yellow leaf herb. If you want something in your fairy garden that looks like a carpet, Speedwell Golden Creeping is a great choice. You’re going to love the tiny blue flowers that bloom all summer season long. It’s really tolerant of varying soil moisture levels once this plant is firmly rooted.
  • Ripple Peperomia – You’ll love this plant if you’re looking for a dark, deep red colour to add to your garden. It’s a deep rich burgundy shade that’s soft and reminiscent of a delicious, fragrant red wine. As a medium-sized plant, this plant works well for framing the sides of your greenhouse. On a regular basis, it needs well-draining but damp soil.

Frequently Asked Question

What base do you use for a fairy garden?

Plants, terra cotta pots, or galvanised buckets are used by many fairy gardens as their foundation, but anything that holds dirt will do.

How much do I get my fairy garden watered?

It is highly recommended to have drainage when you have an outdoor fairy garden in a pot, because with rain, the fairy garden will fill up with water and drown your plants. In the summer sun, the moisture level of an outdoor fairy garden should be tested at least once every 2 days.

What do you put in the bottom of a fairy garden?

Ensure adequate drainage by applying the bottom of your container to a layer of pea gravel. The use of a layer of charcoal to keep the garden green is also a smart idea. To create routes for the fairies, fill the jar with potting soil and add bark, pebbles, or moss on top.

How am I supposed to defend my fairy garden against the rain?

Make sure there are drainage holes if your fairy garden is going to be watered or exposed to rain. You may fill the container with soil or potting mix, sand, stones, grass, moss, or some other material according to the plants and theme. Your container may not last forever, but its existence will be prolonged by the liner.

When do you have a fairy garden to take care of?

Often water softly, but using a small jar with a spout thoroughly. If your garden is well watered once a week, that’s enough. It can need water every day if it is outside. Fertilize at least once a month at 1⁄2 intensity with the all-purpose fertiliser 17-5-17.

In the winter, what do you do with a fairy garden?

In the winter, you might move it to a pot or wheelbarrow and then just bring it to the garage. The decorative objects (houses, fairies, etc can illustrate that in winter their wear is left out. Mulch well for the plants and they can return.

What kind of soil do you use for a fairy garden?

You’ll want to use high-quality potting soil if you’re growing a fairy garden in a jar. Based on the suggestions for particular plants you wish to use in your fairy garden, pick a potting soil. For container fairy gardens, organic black gold potting soil plus fertiliser is recommended.

How much does a fairy garden cost?

“The average person spends $60 to $90” on a first-time fairy garden, from container to finished product, says Nickerson. They can substitute two plants per year at $5 per plant, depending on size and plant choice. And others spend $20 to $50 on modified and altered accessories, with varying sensibilities.


Fairy gardens are the ideal addition to anyone’s backyard or house. Those who enjoy nature, fantasy, or whimsical beauty would be very pleased to create their own fairy gardens and admire them! We hope you feel encouraged to take the first steps now that you have a better understanding of what’s out there and how to start planning for your garden. A number of fairy garden kits were covered, each with its own unique features, themes, and price points. Feel free to shop around to see what other items are available to you if you have not found what you were looking for. If you are feeling bold, you can even go full-DIY.