Best Garden Fence Ideas

For any greenhouse, lawn or backyard, a garden fence is a practical and functional addition. As it adds elegance and architectural value to your home and landscape, it is considered to be the cornerstone of garden design. You can see numerous ways to build a garden fence below, which is both useful and attractive for your own yard.

A fence is a useful method to shield your garden from critters, but at the same time, it’s a pleasant method to add a little character to your home and set it apart from different houses in the area. Be that as it may, contingent upon your requirements, it tends to be difficult to pick the perfect fence. That is the reason we’ve looked everywhere on the web for you to discover a variety of doors, fences, and garden divider ideas that are cheap, simple to introduce, and give a large number of inclusion. 

We hope our best garden fence ideas will move you, as they can be an extraordinary and innovative approach to supplement a flower bed or vegetable garden. A few fences even fuse eye-getting materials like bamboo or grid that will energetically invite guests to your plot of land or go about as a boundary to keep them out, contingent upon your inclination.

Permanent Perimeter vs. Temporary Pop-Ons

Do you need the whole garden to be fenced, or are there just those plantings that need protection? If shielding strawberries from birds and squirrels is your only concern, making a safe cover for one bed using chicken wire, row cover, or both is far less work than putting a fence up. Another issue that can be addressed on a small scale with a strategically placed two-strand electric fence, with one strand 6 inches above the ground and the other 12 inches high, is Raccoons after your sweet corn. For a detailed report on your electric fencing choices, see Electric Fencing.

If you need to exclude chickens and other domestic animals, if deer are a serious concern, or if you are combating territorial critters such as pocket gophers and groundhogs, you probably need a perimeter fence. Fencing with plastic mesh may be an inexpensive alternative to discourage deer, but be mindful that rabbits can gnaw through the plastic easily creating openings for smaller animals. If you have rot-resistant forests such as cedar, locust, mulberry, or Osage orange, you might be able to cut some of the posts you would need from your own property.

You may build an attractive wood fence in areas where appearance is necessary and line its base and the ground around it with poultry netting (chicken wire) or hardware cloth to prevent animals from digging their way in. This add-on function is important if rabbits, pocket gophers and other small animals with sharp teeth are to be removed from any fence.

Common Materials for Garden Fences

A large variety of materials are available for garden fences. It could be ready to be made available at local home improvement stores or even online sellers. By assembling various materials, it may also be custom made. Wood, vinyl, metal or chain ties, aluminium, iron, barbed wire or PVC are some of the traditional materials used for garden fences. For those who want to add an Asian flair or tropical touch to their homes, bamboo is also a popular garden fence material. Garden fences that are electrical or responsive to motions are also making their marks in the current market with the advent of technology.

When it comes to the materials that can be used to build and design garden fences, there is really no limit. Many garden fence projects “Do It Yourself” are innovative and imaginative as it makes good use of even recycled and salvaged materials. Some of the unusual materials used by some homeowners to create one of a kind garden fence designs include used bottles, reused wooden pallets, old doors and windows. A hedge, sculpted plants or creeping vines can also be used for those who prefer a natural touch to the garden fences, as they may organically blend into a landscape.

Best Garden Fence Ideas 

1. Good Vision

Good Vision Garden Fencing Idea

This medium-tallness fence is wonderful to make a line around your yard without totally shutting out your neighbors and your view to the rest of the world. The holes between every vertical board help to expand perceivability while additionally keeping out wild creatures. This kind of fence can be bought from a tool shop, or you might have one authorized by a craftsman. It gives a trendy, open, yet secured appeal to your nursery.

2. Wood and Wire Elegance Garden Fence

Wood and Wire Elegance Garden Fence
Wood and Wire Elegance

This fence utilizes wood and chicken wire in an easygoing way to isolate the garden from the remainder of the yard, and adds a point of convergence with an enticing breakfast table among the nursery beds. The chicken wire takes a gander at home in this setting as it helps the roses climb and flourish.



This enormous garden fence looks like the example of a knitted sewing with the square format. Also, despite the fact that it’s huge and tall, it doesn’t deter the view from inside or outside because of the utilization of dainty chicken wire. As should be obvious, chicken wire is an extraordinary device for making a useful nursery fence. Simply take a gander at how this one ensures the garden yet has a component of style. 

 4. Contemporary Gabions

Contemporary Gabions Garden Fencing Idea
Contemporary Gabions

Gabions are a cage like development loaded up with huge stones or shakes and can be utilized instead of a fence or block divider around your property. They have an advanced modern look and are amazingly strong, giving the impression of a serious threatening hindrance around your home. You can separate gabions, as appeared here, with wooden fencing in the middle. Deck boards have been utilized here, making a contemporary look. It’s ideal for the individuals who like to exhibit an interesting, upscale style.

5. The Iron Curtain Garden Fence

The Iron Curtain Garden Fencing Idea
The Iron Curtain

Fences are ordinarily considered as being built of wood, yet metals can make exceptionally striking fences. This iron fence is an ideal model, overflowing lavishness and class. On the off chance that you like the possibility of an iron fence, there are numerous plans to browse, going from fundamental utilitarian style wall to multifaceted and expanded styles. The advantages of metal fences are that they are amazingly strong and enduring, and charge preferably against extraordinary climate over their wooden partners. 

6. Stepped Wood Garden Fence

Stepped Wood Garden Fence
Stepped Wood Fence

If you need an approach to make sure about your yard and garden while additionally offering a little protection, this cutting edge wooden support fence does the work. It’s tall enough to keep the two creatures and spectators under control. It’s additionally polished enough to add check appeal to your home. The uniform and ventured look of the braces are outwardly complimenting on the slope. Vertical strips conceal flaws where the boards meet and the dim stain helps the fence mix into the scene.

7. Partition Party

Partition Party Garden Fence
Partition Party

Dividing your garden into two sections with the utilization of a fence can assist with define zones for various uses successfully. For instance, you could characterize a decking space as an outside feasting territory, or a grass as a kids’ play zone. In the event that you have pets who you need to keep off your grass, a parcel fence inside your yard is a decent answer for actually keeping creatures from getting to and pulverizing your yard. In this occasion, low-tallness, wide-planked fences work best, separating your garden into segments without making an over the top visual boundary between the zones.

8. Gated Rustic Garden Fence

Gated Rustic Garden Fence
Gated Rustic Fence

This fence encompassing a garden is finished with DIY solutions made by dousing steel fleece in vinegar and afterward utilizing the slurry to add tone to the wood. The color tone can respond contrastingly on different woods, and will in general develop with age. For this fence, the proprietor utilized apple juice vinegar for the stain blend. This solid, upscale fence likewise gets the deer far from this lavish vegetable garden.

9. Mini Bamboo Garden Fence

Mini Bamboo Garden Fence
Mini Fence

Garden fences are not simply a methods for making an obstruction between your property and the rest of the world; they are likewise a valuable device to execute a finished look. Utilizing small scale wall of a couple of creeps in tallness around blossom beds or vegetable plots gives an expert impact for next to no consumption. These kinds of smaller than normal fences are regularly produced using bamboo of different sorts of wood and are adaptable with the capacity to be bended close by any bloom bed shape you may have.

10. Archways

Archways Garden Fence

Fences generally come appended to garden doors, yet a couple of individuals consider making an element out of the portal. An archway, for example, the one that appeared here adds genuine character to a property, giving it an extraordinary check bid. It looks all the while lavish and interesting and bends over as an additional spot to develop blossoms. Painted in white, openings in fences are exemplary and immortal and can be purchased in practically any size. You can likewise develop your own opening out of nimble branches for a supernormal look.

11. Tall and Private Garden Fence

Tall and Private Garden Fence
Tall and Private Fence

It’s astonishing how one corner of a fence changed a not exactly motivating lawn into an extravagant garden. The trendy, contemporary dark even slatted fence incorporated with a lattice configuration is useful and inviting, making a private and loosening up alcove for a tranquil Sunday morning with espresso. The grid boards are intended for plant plants to add greenery to the space.

12. Trellis Panels Garden Fence

Trellis Panels Garden Fence
Trellis Panels

Using a trellis as a fence is an exceptionally minimal effort method of making an encased terrace. Just as being reasonable, lattice boards are useful for ideal permeability, just as for supporting climbing plants. Their principal disadvantage is that they are not particularly solid, and regularly splinter or totally break in spots during storms or when put under tension. You should fix the lattice to fence posts at each board joint for solidness, yet all things considered, hope to need to supplant them like clockwork. Fortunately, it’s anything but difficult to do as such as a component of your spring or fall upkeep.

13. Concrete and Timber Garden fence

Concrete and Timber Garden Fence
Concrete and Timber

In the event that a full timber fence isn’t your thing, consolidate various styles of fencing by fitting wooden boards among dividers. The delivered dividers seen here have been explicitly planned and developed to hold lumber boards between every section, and the subsequent look is one of value and style. In spite of the fact that this kind of fence is probably going to take additional time and cost more cash than a standard fence, it’s an extraordinary method to give a redid, special look to the outside of a property.

14.  Traditional Picket Garden Fence

Traditional Picket Garden Fence
Traditional Picket Fence

What is more excellent, beautiful, and exemplary than a white picket fence improved with layers of wonderfully hued wildflowers? Not exclusively does a white picket fence add an immense portion of check appeal to your home, yet numerous styles additionally come in simple to-keep up composite or vinyl materials. White picket wall are wonderful augmentations to each style of house from colonials to capes to farmhouses.

15. Weaving Wattle Garden Fence

Weaving Wattle
Weaving Wattle

Wattle fence is developed utilizing the antiquated art of weaving coppiced branches through wooden stakes. While you can purchase wattle fences from forte merchants, it very well might be less expensive and more charming to make your own. A thicker branch will frame a sturdier fence, while a more tight weave will likewise expand strength and life expectancy of the fence, just as creating a more strong appearance with less obvious holes. The completed look is very rural and would look fitting encompassing an old country farmhouse.

16. Arbor Garden Fence Structure

Arbor Garden fence Structure
Arbor Garden Structure

An arbor is a vertical nursery structure that all the while welcomes visitors into your home, gives your yard a point of convergence, and adds control claim. The dividers and top of an arbor have an open grid structure to help bright blossoming plants, for example, roses, clematis, wisteria, and honeysuckle.

17. Multi-Functional Garden Fence

Multi-Functional garden Fence
Multi-Functional Fence

Individuals have different explanations behind introducing fences around their property. Some prefer to keep pests out, while others like to keep pets or kids in. Whatever your essential explanation behind raising a fence, consider what optional uses you may have from it to assist you with deciding your optimal fence. In case you’re attached to plants, blossoms, or spices, this fence which bends over as a unit for hanging bushels from may provoke your curiosity. A few fences additionally have various capacities, for example, those which come prepared fitted with solar lights, or feeders to draw in birds and wildlife. 

18. Solid Pallet Garden Fence

Solid Pallet garden Fence
Solid Pallet Fence

Pallets are really ideal to repurpose into a fence, as they are as of now a huge, strong development, and basically need fixing to fence presents on make a column of fencing. By basically abutting beds, you can undoubtedly and cheaply fabricate your own DIY fence, however what’s more, beds have inbuilt racks and cubby openings with which you can modify your fence. Utilize the holes in your beds to house plants, or wrap string lights or wreaths around the boards.

19. Bright and Beautiful

Bright and Beautiful garden fence

Try not to be reluctant to stand apart from the group and let your character spill over onto your style, both inside your home and outside on your property. In case you’re an aficionado of the idiosyncratic and brilliant, there are a limitless number of ways you could get aesthetic and innovative with your nursery fence. Brilliantly shaded wall can give a facelift to your home’s control bid, carrying a beam of daylight to your road. Beautiful fences function admirably in seaside towns, which are generally more trialled with shading.

20. DIY Fencing

For a totally unique and extraordinary garden fence, fabricate one yourself without any preparation. You can purchase the entirety of the necessary materials from tool shops, for example, lengths of lumber, fence posts, screws, and nails. By building your own fence, you can totally modify the size and style, making an example, for example, grid or mismatch. In the event that you are sensibly convenient, you ought to have the option to build your own fence without a difficult situation, utilizing helpful instructional exercises on YouTube. Bombing that, ask for help with the DIY aficionados among your loved ones to help.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best garden fence?

The more economical form of containment fence available could be poultry netting, or chicken wire. It’s typically used to fence chickens, as the name suggests. For small dogs, rabbits and other small pets, it’s also a safe option. The truest of garden fences is the rabbit guard, as the mesh differs greatly.

How can I raise the height of my garden fence?

You may create trellises on the top of the fence to add height to existing fences, or provide poles or wires to train the climbing plants to grow on them. The other choice is to grow a hedge, or a hedge that stands alone, alongside your fence.

What type of fence lasts the longest?

What fence style lasts the longest? The longest enduring fences are chain-link fences with a galvanised finish that doesn’t rust. All of the other fence elements are made of steel and are also galvanised, so there is no maintenance at all.

What’s the colour fence that makes a garden look larger?

This is especially so in the summer months when the sun is shining, because the sunlight will make your brightly painted fence shine even brighter. In my opinion, plain black, dark brown, or dark grey are the best colours to make a garden look bigger.

What is the easiest fence to install?

Vinyl is a thin, but tough, material that is very easy to work with on your own. The vinyl picket fence among DIY enthusiasts is very popular. Over a few hours you can mount the posts and then only slot the vinyl picket panels in place along the fence line.

Do you need a fence around a garden?

A garden fence is the key to protecting your plot from a broad range of threats, whether you’re growing a few plants or feeding your family with your backyard bounty. Fencing offers many forms of protection for the garden, from marking your plot to creating a barrier for deer.

Can I paint my side of the fence?

Who can paint a fence or otherwise change it once it’s up? Only the owner of the fence, even if the other side of the fence is on the neighbouring land, can make any changes to it. This means that your neighbour must ask for permission before painting or staining his or her side of it if you instal a fence in your yard.

Without digging holes, can you build a fence?

A fast way is to use concrete blocks if you need a temporary fence or a boundary that you can move as necessary. Apply a bracket to a block of concrete that is heavy enough to accommodate the wood or other material that you want to use to build the fence. The posts can be placed from there to the brackets and the fence finished.


Here this is the  list of best garden fence ideas with a simple structure. No tables, no templates, there’s no fuss. This fence does its job and serves its function, but to fit your house or personal taste, you can spruce it up with a nice layer of stain.

Anyone can really do either of these with a bit of patience and imagination. A garden fence is a great way to protect your flowers, veggies, or other plants, so consider constructing a fence to hold it all in if you intend on doing some gardening.