Best Plant Boxes For Your Outdoor Patio

Whether put on your patio or on a pedestal at the end of a long alley, planters are an important part of every garden, and they are stylish. It is assumed that the practice of container planting was popularised during the Renaissance.  Today, with boxwood topiaries in a formal greenhouse, planters are as at home as they are in a cactus garden with agaves and native grasses.

With infinite opportunities for planting, planters offer a place in the garden to play with color and texture. Every season, transform them with new plantings or move them around to rethink your outdoor space entirely.

To add ornament to a shade garden, or to establish height in a parterre, use it as a focal point on a terrace. In small spaces, like apartment gardens, and for growing herbs in a kitchen garden, they are also useful. A planter overflowing with vibrant flowers and trailing vines will benefit from any outdoor room!

For your outdoor patio, there are several varieties of best plant boxes available, so you can certainly find one that suits your preferences, needs, and home decor. Furthermore, plant boxes are made from all manner of different materials and come with a wide variety of price tags.

We have prepared this shopping guide so that the best plant boxes for your outdoor patio can be found. Be sure to take care of the available characteristics so that you can assess which plant boxes are better for you.

Tips For Box Gardening

Using larger pots

Avoid pots that are too small to use. Plants soon become root-bound and keeping them properly watered and fertilized becomes difficult, if not impossible. I do use a 14-inch diameter pot at the very least. Bear in mind: The larger the mature plant, the bigger the pot.

Always use a soil-less potting mix

A recipe for failure is filling pots with garden soil. Garden soil compacts and limits drainage and air exchange significantly. I always recommend a soilless potting mix of high quality. Each season, this potting mix can be reused and improved with new ingredients.

Hold the fertilised plants well. We need to replenish nutrients that are flushed away, because we have to water pots more frequently than plants in the ground. Top-dress every few weeks with earthworm compost and Yum Yum Mix if you want to expand your pots organically.

Compost tea is exceptional as well.Using Osmocote slow-release fertiliser blended into the soil at potting time and applying water-soluble Miracle-Gro (or equivalent) once per week or two to grow conventionally.

Don’t add gravel at the bottom of the pot

The addition of gravel to the bottom of the pot, contrary to common opinion, simply allows water to saturate the soil and makes it more difficult for water to escape the soil. This is a pointless technique that can reduce drainage in the pots in fact. Fully fill the pots with soilless mix.

Make sure that the bottom of your pot has drainage holes. I’ll place an odd rock over the hole if the pot has a wide drainage hole, which does not close the hole and encourages water to spill out.

Leaving out-of-doors pots all year long

I consider using a fibreglass pot or the pot-in-pot strategy to prevent broken pots and cold weakened roots if you wish to keep your containers outdoors year-round.

Place this plant in a plastic nursery container for flower-in-pot cultivation and drop it into a slightly larger ceramic pot. Cover the hollow space in between with little nuggets of bark. This insulates the inner pot from heat and cold and allows the ceramic pot to be watered in winter without cracking.

Best Plant Boxes

 1. Patio Sense Alto Wicker Planter

Patio Sense Alto Wicker Planter

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  • Comes with a beautiful mocha finish
  • Provides liner pots with the package 
  • Features a separate waterproof liner pot
  • Has removable drain plug
  • Comes with  all weather resin wicker 

Give your yard a hint of green with Patio Sense Alto Wicker plant stands. These plant pots are produced using woven all climate safe tar wicker. This enables them sturdiness and to be impenetrable to changing climate conditions. Also, wicker is low support so you don’t need to stress over steady cleaning the tall grower all things considered.

The overhang grower each accompanies their individual liner pots which ensures the grower. These pot grower accompany a wonderful mocha finish that makes certain to fit in well with every single outside climate. We likewise give liner pots to every one of the nursery  which permits you to plant significantly more modest plants.

These open air growers arrive in a bunch of 2 so you can put one at each finish of the pool, yard, or by your front entryway and be welcomed with greenery when you enter. It helps give your outside adornment a feeling of proportionality.

These cutting edge grower have been made utilizing woven all climate gum wicker This gives a delightful natural look and feel to the grower boxes, while likewise making them impenetrable to changing climate conditions.

  • Comes with a set of 2
  • Has waterproof liner pot
  • Removable drain plug 
  • No cons found 

2. Planter Container Box

Planter Container Box

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  • Comes with an unique traditional lattice pattern
  • Made from durable white polypro propylene
  • Has thick and sturdy walls 
  • Comes with a sleek white finish
  •  Dimensions: 14.75” x 14.75” x 13.75”

Now you can complement your home with the Plant Holder by Pure Garden! A customary grid design is added to the sides of the crate to help upgrade the vibe of the grower and your plants. Regardless of whether you live in a major house or a little condo, you’ll need to add an individual touch to your living space with this Planter Container Box.

This smart plant holder can hold and develop blossoms with practically no support! Not any more agonizing over water aggregating due to the “t” molded base that channels water while conveying oxygen to plant roots. This Plant Holder by Pure Garden is produced using solid white polypropylene.

The thick and solid dividers have a smooth white completion that will make an incredible expansion to your nursery or open-air zone. A straightforward set-up without any devices required, you just need to snap it together

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Low maintenance fee 
  • Durable and strong 
  • Pretty small 

3. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters boxes 

LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters boxes

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  • Great for both indoor outdoor 
  • Made from durable recyclable plastic
  • Filled with natural stone powder 
  • Lightweight and easy to lift 
  • Comes with 4 drain holes 

Your home and nursery are your opportunity to communicate your character and establish a climate where you feel relaxed and happy. These outside growers have dark matte completion and arrive in an advanced rectangular plan. With its smooth tightened outline, it fits totally on your deck and porch or in your home and garden.

The 4 drain holes give an underlying water store, establishing an ideal developing climate for your plants, removing the concern from over watering. The plant box is produced using sturdy recyclable plastic and regular stone powder, the grower is light so you can lift it without any problem. You can utilize it to adorn your lounge room, or spot it on an outside region like a gallery, yard, or patio.

You can utilize it inside and outside openly. With 4 channel openings raised from the base, it makes it conceivable to hold or sift through overabundance water regardless of where it’s set, gallery, deck, yard, garden, outside and indoor. Your greeneries, pothos, ivy and spider plants will flourish in this permeable, breathable planter. A saucer is required for indoor use

  • Has unique matte finish 
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • No cons found 

4. GROWNEER Terracotta Color Flower Box 

GROWNEER Terracotta Color Flower Box

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  • 6 pcs window planter 
  • Featured with 15 pcs plant labels 
  • Made of premium plastic 
  • Has a unique bottom design 
  • 4 opened drainage hole 

The planter box is made of premium plastic, which is tough, eco-accommodating and permits you to reuse the planter for a few seasons. The appended plate can store water depleted out of the pot to keep your zone clean.

The planter is reasonable for indoor outside plants, flowers, vegetables, strawberries, etc. These window grower encloses are broadly utilized windowsill, yard, nursery, patio or other indoor outside events.

They are the correct decision to plant little roses, tulip, carnation or different blossoms, vegetables, fruits. It accompanies 6 pcs window grower; additionally, 15 pcs plant names, giving helpful to you to distinguish your plants by denoting their name on the marks.

The grower has a special plan and furthermore planned with raised pot feet, the base with 4 opened drainage holes and 6 saved drainage holes, will give appropriate wind current and water waste, advancing your plants’ development. 

  • Unique button design 
  • Durable and eco friendly materials 
  • Made of great premium plastic 
  • Much suitable for indoor use 

5. CYS EXCEL Rustic Wood Planter Box

CYS EXCEL Rustic Wood Planter Box

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  • Rectangular wooden box 
  • Rustic planter box with removable plastic 
  • Waterproof 
  • Dimension of 10″ L x 5″ W x 4″ H
  • Floor standing boxes 

Window boxes, wood rectangular planter boxes, and little wooden containers all have a versatile appearance, with incredible potential for customization or DIY make projects like spice gardens, flame shows, occasional highlights, or wedding and occasion adornments. Contingent upon how you use them, you can put these wooden rectangular planters in your workplaces, gardens, terraces, entryway patio, porches, or in your kitchen.

This wood box grower and its removable liner doesn’t accompany drain holes. Planters are not destined to be watertight. Candles, plants, and different adornments excluded. Window box establishment parts excluded. Present sweet celestial delicious and decorative layouts inside this Wood Planter Box.

It accompanies a removable zinc metal liner and the wood box outside has a dusty ash brown coloring.

  • Great for easy and practical decoration
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor
  • Doesn’t come with drainage holes 

6. Countryside Flower Box Planter

Countryside Flower Box Planter

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  • Classic and elegant design 
  • Comes with a natural matte finish
  • Has removable drainage plugs and built-in feet
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Made from lightweight, fade-resistant, super tough plastic

This astounding planter box is built with a prevalent plastic mix, including a timeless unique design total with a matte completion and an unpretentious fold-over silk band.

These conventional style plant boxes are fade resistant and sturdy, so they will last as the years progressed. You can effectively place in plant box sections under windows, on patios and decks, or use as independent planters along walkways or on windowsills. Every planter highlights worked in feet for dependability.

When utilizing outside, eliminate the elastic plugs on the bottoms of the grower to permit water to deplete appropriately. In the event that you might want to utilize them inside, it is prescribed to put them on their coordinating Countryside Flower Box Tray.

This UV and frost resistant solid plastic plant box is delivered to withstand the components and keep going for quite a long time.

  • Removable drainage plugs 
  • Versatile and attractive design 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • The plastic might not that sturdy 

7. Lechuza  Self-Watering Garden Planter 

Lechuza Self-Watering Garden Planter

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  • Easy-to-use 
  • Brackets fit into the back of the planter 
  • Featured with a  signature water reservoir that supplies water to plants as needed
  • Has an water-level indicator  
  • Features inorganic granulate compounds 

Now find the ideal method to rejuvenate your yard and gallery with the BALCONERA Color window box planter. This flexible planter can be set on decks and utilized as a story grower or dangled from dividers and railings as a window box grower with the acquisition of the discretionary BALCONERA BRACKETS.

These simple to-utilize sections fit into the rear of the planter, making them an undetectable supportive system. Also, the BALCONERA Color matte completion is accessible in shading to suit your style.

Like most LECHUZA planter, the BALCONERA Color comes furnished with a simple to-lift liner that makes planting basic.

Try not to stress over shuffling the grower and sections as you hang the hefty pre-planted window box. Moreover, LECHUZA’s particular water store supplies water to your plants varying, expanding the time between watering.

You can undoubtedly screen their water repository levels with the grower’s water-level marker, which shows when the store should be topped off.

  • Comes with water level indicator 
  • Easy to lift 
  • No cons found 

8. Hershii Plastic Rectangular Planter Box

Hershii Plastic Rectangular Planter Box

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  • No installation are needed
  • Space saving design
  • Made of PP material
  • Strong, sturdy and weather-resistant
  • Dimension- sturdy and weather-resistant 

This planter box is a multifunctional box that can undoubtedly be changed over to indoor or open air use, and has a space-saving design. It is likewise extraordinary for vegetables, spices, plants, succulents, and flowers developing.

An incredible raised bed for all excited nursery lovers. Ideal for planting in the gallery, porch, garden, lawn, yards, knoll, or the corners in your family room.

This planter is made of PP material, solid and climate safe. It’s sufficient to emphatically uphold the weight from the nursery bed itself and plant. Water boundary and base board configuration, sifting overabundance water from the dirt and store it in the base boards.It can sympathetically keep and keep up dampness for plants inside.

Besides, no establishment instruments required. It comes with a decorative design, ideal for planting and showing in your home, nursery, porch and terrace.

  • Easy to assemble
  • No installation is needed 
  • Multifunctional use 
  • Attractive and sleek 
  • Height is quiet low than others 

9. TABOR TOOLS Plastic Plant Box

TABOR TOOLS Plastic Plant Box

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  • Stylish and elegant design 
  • Comes with 2 sizes and 5 colors
  • Featured with attached drainage tray with pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Has a smooth texture and also has decorative floral element
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Wide and deep inside

You can set these plant boxes in your gallery or yard to add a touch of rich excellence to your nursery. With thick sap development, these planters offer solidness without heavyweight and the danger of breakage. Incredible for spices, blossoms and different plants. Dodge the inconveniences of clay planters- no chipping, no breaking and no staining.

The plant box incorporates a joined seepage plate with pre-penetrated waste openings, to catch abundant water and kill wreck.

Alongside these, it additionally comes in different purchasing decisions: either smooth surface or with a beautiful botanical component, each in 5 tones. The new and particular tones make this grower a plan object that beautifully helps up any space, both indoor and outside.

  • Great for both indoor outdoor 
  • Has a flat back design
  • Color choices are available
  • Size could be more increased 

10. Novelty Poly-Pro Plastic Flower Box 

Novelty Poly-Pro Plastic Flower Box

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  • Has ridged sides that provide sturdiness and durability
  • Made from lightweight, fade-resistant, and recyclable plastic
  • Can be used as a standalone flower box or  
  • Made in the USA

This astounding grower box is developed from a predominant plastic mix, the Poly-Pro Flower Box flaunts furrowed, scalloped sides to give toughness and strength.

These flexible planters can be shown with no guarantees or be utilized inside other bloom boxes or window boxes as a defensive liner. Accessible in four sizes and three tones, utilize these planters to complement your outside or indoor living zone.

When utilizing outside, the openings on the lower part of the grower ought to be punched or penetrated out to permit water to deplete appropriately. These Poly-Pro Flower Boxes are UV-settled and frost resistant, so they won’t blur or get weak when presented to the sun or harsh climate.

Likewise, they are lightweight and gladly made in the USA. So, now you can construct excellent courses of action to show your plants or spot them inside other bloom boxes or window boxes as a defensive liner.

  • Extremely durable product 
  • Made of superior plastic blend
  • Fade resistant
  • No drain hole

11. T4U Self Watering Planters Plastic Box 

T4U Self Watering Planters Plastic Box

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  • Made from 100% high-grade polyethylene
  • Gives a long lasting fade free performance 
  • Has self watering feature 
  • Comes with a weather-proof and ultra-tough construction

This plant pot with a double layer configuration, body and base could be separated. The plant][‘ pot’s fundamental part has a few seepage openings at the base, you could without much of a stretch think about the assimilation of plant roots.

These plant pots are produced using 100% high-grade polyethylene, taking into consideration a dependable blur free execution.

High security and long valuable life. The Plant Pots accompany a twofold divider configuration, body and base could be isolated. Drainage holes are at the base, you could without much of a stretch know the retention of plant roots.

The fundamental body with a base makes a water supply, which could forestall over watering and inadequate water systems. It likewise keeps plants sound by providing steady dampness and forestalling supplements misfortune.

The climate evidence and super intense development permit you to make the most of your window box throughout the year. Ideal for first-time landscapers, successive explorers or plants filling in dry conditions.

  • Modern and decorative design 
  • Double layer structure
  • Self watering feature 
  • No cons found 

Buying Guide

The Type Of Containers

  • Wood – Wood pots, elegant and traditional, bring a rustic touch to every landscape. They look beautiful, insulate heat well and can be made using a kit or plans available online cheaply at home. Yet wood planters certainly have their disadvantages. The containers may not be safe for growing edibles if handled, but the wood may break and rot if not treated. Wood is vulnerable to starving and burrowing insects as well! Make sure enough ventilation is created by your wood pot, and having a well-draining soil will help avoid rot. Pressure-treated trees and some plants prefer to avoid rot and insects, such as redwood, as well.
  • Clay – One of the most popular types of garden containers, clay pots, like the iconic brownish-orange terracotta pots we are all familiar with, can be either hand-thrown and fired (more expensive) or mass made. It is inexpensive and easy to find simple unglazed clay pots, but because clay is porous, your plants can dry out faster and more often have to be watered. They are also delicate, can crack into sharp fragments, and will need to be taken in during the winter to keep them from freezing and shattering.
  • Plastic – Like ceramic, plastic pots are inexpensive and simple to find and come in various shapes and sizes. In order to look like other materials like wood or stone, they are also painted and moulded. Plastic pots are lighter than clay pots often and are not as breakable, but they do not have the same form of heat insulation as clay does. Many of the cheaper ceramic pots are made of very thin plastic, which can be broken quickly.
  • Stone – Planters made of natural stone can be your garden’s focal point, but can be very heavy, not to mention costly. An option is a reconstructed stone pot, which is less costly than natural stone, but also elegant, solid, and long-lasting. Stone pots provide strong insulation to plants, but can be very bulky and bulky.
  • Metals – Typically, metal pots are heavy, but they are best for stabilising tall plantings. They don’t just dry out but they heat up and they need daily watering or they will roast the roots. For winter containers, metal pots are often a good choice.
  • Resin and Fiberglass – A long way has gone for plastic pots. Many will easily trick the eye into believing that they are, especially as they mature, a natural substance. They are lightweight, strong, cheap, and sometimes resistant to frost.


Will it open the jar to the hot midday sun? Will it be all day in full sun? What about powerful breezes? We have already noted that all the pots dry out in the garden more rapidly than the dirt, but certain exposures will worsen the condition.

If you plant in full light, you’re definitely going to want a pot made of a non-porous material. Very soon, Terra cotta dries out. Synthetic resin pots remain hotter longer and hold moisture.


Is it possible to water anyone every day? If not, is there a drip tray or a reservoir in the pot or jar so that it can be filled from the bottom and water soaked up as needed? Once the absence of water has stressed a plant, it can never recover.


Will you need the pot to be passed around? A planter on a deck has to be moved for ease occasionally. You will want the opportunity to transfer your container garden where the sun or shade is or you prepare for the winter to take the container in.

If for whatever cause, you need the freedom to move the pot, think twice before buying either a heavy or bulky large planter. Concrete urns are beautiful, but they should sit where you place them, so that either the back or the urn won’t crack.


Basically, a planter is a decorative item. It is true that it fulfils a purpose, but it is not an important household object, to cover fewer aesthetic pots. Therefore, aim for it to have an appealing aesthetic when purchasing a planter. If it is for the interior of the home, the rest of the décor should fit or compliment it. If you are going to put it outside your house, the same applies.

Frequently Asked Question

For outdoor planters, what is the best material?

Containers with polystyrene foam are more durable than conventional plastic containers. They are fantastic for the season and can be left outside all year long. They’re still a lot lighter than wood, stone, or terra-cotta.

How do I have my patio pots arranged?

Containers with polystyrene foam are more durable than conventional plastic containers. They are fantastic for the season and can be left outside all year long. They’re still a lot lighter than wood, stone, or terra-cotta.

How can I save the patio from staining my plant pots?

Through pot risers, lift the plants so that the deck surface can dry out properly. Traditional pot saucers catch water under them and to dry it out, do not let air get under the vine. Any basic pot risers, like those you can buy from Amazon, leave space for air ventilation between the deck and the bottom of your pot.

Why are there poor terracotta pots?

The main problem is their vulnerability to frost damage with respect to terracotta containers. Terracotta containers are prone to temperature fluctuations and melting snow. If you use terracotta in cold temperatures for outdoor gardening, the pot can split or crack due to the weather.

How do I pick an outdoor planting facility?

Second, know where the container will be stored so that the right format, form, design and material can be obtained. In a greenhouse, big-scale pots will establish a focal point. Pick a paint and finish that will match plantings, taking into consideration how the pot will look when landscapes can be brown and bleak in winter.

What do you put on the bottom of the drainage planter?

For large pans, reuse the Styrofoam packing peanuts as filler. Drainage is produced by packaging peanuts and designed to last. They can protect the plants from sinking in so much water at the bottom of a container.

Are you supposed to place rocks on the bottom of a planter?

Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to place stones at the bottom of plant containers. One rock is adequate to fill the drainage hole, just enough so that the soil does not leach out of the rim, but water will flow into the pot freely. It doesn’t support irrigation or improve air ventilation to place rocks in plant containers.

Could you put Styrofoam on the bottom of a seedling?

The amount of soil needed to fill the planter is minimised by applying a few inches of foam peanuts or chunks to the bottom of the pot. Even while helping with drainage and preventing the dirt from compacting at the bottom of the pot, the foam prevents soil from washing out of the drainage holes.


If you have the space for them a planter is an essential piece of decor and you want to have flowers or plants around you. Planters can be placed within and outside your house, given that the content is suitable. On the market today, you can find several distinct styles. The investment will pay off in the long run by delivering years of fun while still striving to find a good quality commodity.