10 Best Tool Bag For 2020 | Review & Buyer Guide.

Introduction: Toolbag is one of the most prominent things that are carried by people who work on the construction site’s, factories, manufacturing units, Electrical industry, so on and so forth. This has been one of the most selling products for the need for workers working in Construction or Repairing industries. It greatly helps them to carry their tool kits and other equipment in an organised or efficient way. Let’s have an overview of this emerging product that has a great demand in markets.

Basically, the tool bag is a kind of bag used for carrying the tools. These tool bags are easily seen with electricians, contractors, Automobile workers, construction site workers, etc. This tool helps them in carrying their tool kits, more efficiently and effectively In an organised way.

There is a great importance of this tool bag in the life of these people as it allows them to carry their tool kits in an organised way with efficiency and effectiveness. We all know that work as an electrician, carpenter, mason, mechanic, etc is incomplete without their tool kits. They perform their work with the help of their tools so we can understand how much these tool kits mean for them.

Here one would find out the list of 10 best tool kits that are very outstanding. So let’s have a look on the list.

Best Tool Bag:

Below are the top tool bags we have shortlisted out of 100’s product available online.

1. Stanley STST70574 Tool Bag

Stanley STST70574 Tool Bag

The Stanley 12-Inch Tool Bag is ideally designed for carrying hand tools and other kits. Its adjustable strap allows you to have easy and convenient access. Made up of durable material of 600 x 600 denier polyester fabric which is famous for its strong durability and hard-wearing. It comes with Multiple internal and external pockets for the placement of different sized tools.

Technical Features

    • It has an adjustable strap that allows for easy access to tools and also helps in travelling.
    • Rubber foam at the bottom of a bag helps to have the sturdiness and provides protection to the tools from any damage or hard falls. one can also carry fluids in it as well.
    • Apart from interior pockets, there are also Outer mesh pockets that help to store tools that require instant access in an emergency.
    • Weight supportive and absorbing so, don’t feel pressured.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Stanley
  • Model number:
  • STST70574
  • Weight:  15.2 oz

Pros :

    • Large space 
    • Provides different sized pockets
    • Good quality
    • Reasonable price
    • Special space for keeping hammers

Cons :

    • Zipper easily breaks.
    • Too small for plumbing parts.

2. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Tool Bag

It is a very popular tool bag, provides multiple compartment tool space along with an extra-large centre compartment for power tools and two zippered side divisions with multiple small compartments for keeping different sized tools. It has padded handles and an adjustable shoulder strap as well.

Key features :

  • It has a very Large main inner compartment that helps to carry a wide range of hand and power tools.
  • It has around 18 pockets in its large compartment That allows carrying a wide range of tools.
  • The main compartment closes with the facility of double-pull zippers.
  • It has 7 exterior pockets as well along with a large carabiner and tape clip for measurement.
  • It has specially designed padded or adjustable shoulder strap along with padded carrying handles that help to absorb excessive weights.


Key Specifications : 

  • Brand: CLC Custom  LeatherCraft
  • Model: 1539



Pros :

  • Provides Quick access vertical pockets
  • Spill-proof
  • Provides large space
  • 50 organised pockets
  • Separate outside compartments

Cons :

  • Split at zipper seams soon
  • Low-quality strip connectors.

3. DEWALT DG5543 Tool Bag

DEWALT DG5543 Tool Bag

DeWalt’s design of ease access tool carrier is very popular as it has 33 tool pockets and sleeves as well. It also provides a centre compartment with a Zipp with padded handles and rubber feet. It’s an open design with a large central interior compartment allows easy access to tool kits and its parts.

Key features: 

  • It provides you with the facility of 14 interior pockets inside it including zipper pockets to secure tool kits and other valuables of engineers and contractors.
  • It provides you with a smooth four base pads to protect the bottom area of the bag from wet and dirty surfaces.
  • Easy to access as it provides a Largemouth opening along with the bigger Interior compartment.
  • Made up of Ballistic poly fabric this is the main reason behind its flexibility as compared to traditional fabrics.
  • It provides you with an adjustable, unskippable padded shoulder strap with the unskippable handle that makes it more comfortable while carrying.
  • It also provides you with a set of 20 exterior pockets to keep tools or equipment that requires instant access.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: DEWALT CLC
  • Model: DG5543

Pros :

  • Heavy-duty poly fabric construction
  • Large Interior compartment
  • Non-slip padded shoulder strap
  • 33 interior organised pockets
  • 20 exteriors pockets

Cons :

  • Low-quality shoulder strap
  • Shoulder strap clip opens on its own

5. Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

It is Ideal design For Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians, And  Military Personnel as well. Its quality of the fabric is amazing. Convenient designs and material to  Carry Tool Bag With double padded Handles.

Key features :

  • It is made up of cotton canvas that can easily uplift the heavyweights without losing the shape. 
  • It also provides 2 outside button snap pockets that are specifically designed for carrying small tools, parts and other components.
  • It also provides 8 interior pockets to keep quick access items in an organised way with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It also provides a cotton canvas padded strap for handling while transportation with a full-length zipper.


Key Specifications: 

  • Brand: Rothco
  • Model: G.I
  • Measurement: Bag measures 11″ x 7″ x 6″.


Pros :

  • Highly Durable
  • Have sturdiness
  • Brass zipper
  • Standard sized
  • Side pockets for instant access

Cons :

  • Material is slightly less thick
  • Stitching is bad.

5. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch 

Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch

This is also one of the most selling tool bags manufactured by Carhartt legacy. Basically, it was designed with 34 pockets Other loops of total 16 inch to provide something different to their customers with large carrier compartment and small pockets as well.


key features:

  • It is one of the most prominent and imported tool bags which is made up of polyester material. It is known for its durability and its large compartments inside it.
  • It provides Durability with a large zippered main compartment alongside 17 other exterior pockets with 10 interior pockets inside it that gives the organised space to keep the tools.
  • It also provides you with an Internal metal frame that allows us to have easy access and provides protection from tear things.
  • It also provides Triple needle-stitch design, rugged haul handles for easy and effective handling, YKK zippers for safety, metal hardware, the abrasion-resistant base for providing protection from the dirty or wet surface.
  • Its synthetic fabric provides sturdiness, durability also is water and rain resistant.


Key Specifications: 

  • Brand: Carhartt Legacy
  • Model: 14-inch tool bag
  • Measurement: 14w x 10.5h x 9d inches.

Pros :

  • Provides large main Interior compartment
  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy synthetic fabric
  • Rain defender Water repellent
  • Different sized pockets

Cons :

  • Low-quality Zipper
  • Low-quality strip connectors.

6. Klein tools 55421BP-14, Tradesmen Pro

Klein tools 55421BP-14, Tradesmen Pro

it is one of the most prominent hands-free tool bags which has a great demand among Industrial workers. It is specifically designed as a backpack where you can keep your tools and tool kits in a more organized way with your hands-free. It is very much convenient while traveling because of its special design.

Key features: 

  • It has a large durable compartment which provides a large Tool Backpack with 39 pockets in it. You can easily hold for tons of tool kits storage.
  • It also provides a kind of Hard, moulded front pocket that provides safety protection to the glasses.
  • It also provides a large front zipper pocket to keep small parts and tools which requires instant access.
  • Also provides a separate Taller bag and interior pockets that allow you to keep screwdrivers of short and long length.
  • Also provides a Fully moulded bottom base that protects the tool bag from the dirty and wet surfaces.

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Klein
  • Model: 55421BP-14, tradesmen Pro.

Pros :

  • Hard moulded bottom
  • Bright coloured Interior
  • 39 different sized pocket
  • 1680 D ballistic weave for durability

Cons :

  • Zippers don’t Last
  • Not worth the price

7. Workpro 16 inches wide-mouth tool bag

Workpro 16 inches wide-mouth tool bag

it is one of the most prominent and practical tool bags which is a very high premium tool bag which is made up of double stitching material with double pull zippers.
It is a specially designed tool bag with the extraordinary interior and exterior pockets with belts that provide a purely large space for carrying tools and other components along with safety protection. It’s a pop-open design and large Interior with multiple compartments provides easy access to the tool kits and it is ideally designed for carrying hand tools and other small to medium-sized tool kits. It is pop open zipped mouth provides easy approaching as well.

Key features: 

  • This tool bag is made up of 600D polyester fabric which provides amazing durability along with reliability. Its double fabric material with fine stitching provides long-lasting safety protection from a hard fall.
  •  It provides you with multiple pockets with large Interior spaces. Its sturdiness is amazing. It provides 8 Interior plus 13 exterior pockets and 8 belts for handling more effectively and efficiently.
  • It also provides a wide-open mouth with double pull zippers made up of metal frames for easy and organised access.
  • It also provides an abrasion and water/rain assistant base from the dirty and wet surfaces. It protects the bag safe from hard falls as well


Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Workpro
  • Model: FBA_W136007A
  • Measurement: Size:16” x 11” x 8” inches

Pros :

  • Rugged 500 D polyester fabric for durability
  • Wide mouth
  • Double pull zippers
  • Extra padded handle
  • Rubber base from the bottom

Cons :

  • No screwdriver slots and pockets
  • Stitching is weak around the zipper

8. Craftsman 9-37535 soft tool bag

Craftsman 9-37535 soft tool bag

It is one of the most prominent and amazing tool bags for carrying the tools in an organised way with efficiency and effectiveness. It is a sub-brand of Stanley black and decker. Basically, it is known for having tools, garden equipment and other concerned parts and components. It has a wide opening design with organised space for keeping the tools efficiently and effectively.

key features : 

  • Wide opening design
  • Reinforced at the base to provide safety from wet surfaces
  • 3 mesh, Interior spaces and 3 regular exterior pockets

Key Specifications: 

  • Brand: craftsmen
  • Model: 9-37535
  • Measurement: 8 x 9 x 13 inches

Pros :

  • Wide opening designs
  • Reinforced with the bottom base
  • Multiple meshes with exterior pockets
  • Highly durable
  • Have sturdiness

Cons :

  • Low-quality zippers
  • Zipper stitching is also of low quality.

9. Milwaukee Heavy-Duty Contractors Bag

Milwaukee Heavy-Duty Contractors Bag

it is also one of the most leading and trending bags for carrying tools and tool kits. It is made up of 600 denier material which is the best quality materials to uplift the heavyweights and tool and equipment. It comes up with a double shoulder strap to handle it efficiently and effectively. It’s tough, water-resistant 600 denier material, Shoulder strap or dual handle straps are available for easy and convenient handling. Its Durable zipper closure is a very effective thing that is Ideally added for tool and equipment’ storage.

Key Features: 

  • It is very Tough with water-resistant 600 denier material which is very popular for its durability and sturdiness as well.
  • It also provides a Shoulder strap with double handle straps for easy carrying of toolkits inside a carrier.
  • Durable zipper closure with effective stitching is also here.
  • Ideally designed for tools and equipment’s storage for efficient handlings.
  • There are about 33 pockets available inside the tool bag in its central compartment.
  • Its Length is about 17 inch and height goes around 10.

Key Specifications: 

  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Model: 00158000848
  • Weight: 14.1oz

Pros :

  • Durable zipper closer
  • Water-resistant
  • large storage
  • Design based on heavy-duty needs
  • Handy style
  • Reasonable price

Cons :

  • Size issues

10. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1579 20 Inch Bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1579 20 Inch Bag

The 20-inch DEWALT tool bag is one of the most amazing tool bags for carrying out the tool kits and another micro, small and medium-sized equipment. This is designed by the brand name DEWALT CLC. It is specially designed in pop-open design and large interior, multiple-compartments.
It is a very popular multiple compartment tool carriers enriched with a huge centre compartment for power tools extension and two zippered side compartments with small-sized multiple pockets for instant access required tools. It also has padded handles and an adjustable shoulder strap with quality material.

Key Features:

  • There are around 43 Multiple pockets in the interior compartment and 7 pockets in outside to keep different sized tools and types of equipment.
  • Availability of huge centre compartment special Designed to keep power tools and equipment. In addition,2 separate outside compartments.
  • Side panels with zippers prevent the tools and other fluids substances from spillage while carrying in a carrier.
  • Vertical tool pockets help to remain safe with a sight for quick access.


Key Specifications: 

  • Brand: CLC
  • Model: 1549
  • Weight: 5.7 lb


Pros :

  • Provides Adjustable partitions
  • Various sized pockets
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Sturdy soft-sided tool bag
  • Padded shoulder strap

Cons :

  • Doesn’t have a hard bottom
  • Low quality as compared to the price

Things to be considered before buying a tool bag : 

Material and Durability

The type of material and the quality of the tool bag is the first and most prominent thing that should be considered in mind before purchasing the tool badly. The material should be a qualified standard and can be made up of fabrics like nylon, canvas and poly fabric as well. Generally, you would find bags made up of materials of nylon and canvas. We all know that the durability lies between the quality standards of the material. The bag of low-quality materials should not be purchased as it doesn’t work with more time.

Style and Design

Styles and designs of a product matter a lot. Most people purchase products as influenced by the designs and styles involved.

Tools bags are ideally designed to uplift the heavyweights of tool kits and other accessories. So I would really suggest purchasing a tool bag with its ergonomic design that would greatly help you to carry heavyweights of tools in a carrier. Practical and good looking styles or designs are most prominent for convenience.

Organization and spaces involved

The organisation of the spaces involved in the tool bag also matters a lot, after all, you need to have good spaces to organise your tool kits and other accessories. The organisation of tools is a very prominent point to be taken in mind because it would really help you all to make a good choice for having your tools and other accessories inside the bag in an organised way. There are so many pockets available in bags inside and outside the compartments. These Provide a facility to keep different sized tools and other accessories at the same place. There is also the availability of instant access pockets to keep small accessories that need frequent access like screwdrivers and small hammers.

Padded Shoulder Strap

It is also a very common feature that should be in your choice to make it better and viable. Likewise, you have to hang your tool bag on your shoulder while travelling from one place to another. So there should be the availability of the padded shoulder strap for carrying a tool bag while travelling and standing as well. It prevents unnecessary burdens, stains and pains on your shoulders.


  • Padding on the Bottom Base

It should be taken into consideration while purchasing a tool bag that it has a base or rubber base as padding support in the bottom of the tool bag to keep the bag safe for dirty or wet surfaces. I would prefer to purchase a bag with thick padding material as a support on the bottom.


  • Clips and Hooks

Better clips and hooks are also very important to have in your choice to make it a profitable purchase. You should go through the quality of hooks and clips and make sure these don’t open on its own. Always rely on quality materials and bags.


  • Wide-Mouth Opening

The wide mouth opening is also a very important requirement for the ideal purchase of a tool bag. People generally prefer to purchase a Toolbag with a wide mouth opening so that they can easily have access to Their tools and other accessories.


  • Pricing and Value

Pricing as per the value getting or the quality served is one of the most prominent factors that are to be taken into consideration by most of the consumers. Each and every consumer expect quality and standard products in exchange for the prices paid by them. There must be a balance between these two things. Prices must be proved equal to the Generally, You don’t need to put your higher investment in a bag if you’re going to use it rarely or infrequently. But if you’re a professional or have daily access to carry tools in a bag, then you should invest and act accordingly.


  • Zippered Compartments

It is the most important point that should be taken into consideration. Most of the people complain about the break of zippers and its surrounded stitching. The zippered compartment is also in the preference list of customers to keep their power tools and small-sized tools and other accessories safe.


  • Padded and Textured Handles

There is also a factor that should be taken into account before purchasing a tool bag. It should have padded double handles to carry the tool bags in hands. The padded and textured handle makes it easy to carry out in hands over a long time period without any hindrances, pain and stains, etc.

These all above are some of the main things that should be considered in mind before purchasing a tool bag. I would really appreciate and suggest these points to be taken into account to make a better and fruitful choice or purchase that can fulfil your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Question About Tool Bag

Are these bags Available with pocket bottoms and reinforced with leather or extra webbing?

yes these bags are available with bottom pockets as well and some of them are also reinforced with leather and extra webbing materials.

do they have sides with ridge stays to hold them from bulging?

yes. These are of very high-quality materials and you can uplift about 30-50 pounds weight of tools and stuff. The sides are made up of durable materials as well.

What’s the weight limitation?

One can daily carry around 40 pounds in it. The pretty durable bag so far as well. One can use it daily with my job.

do the sides have ridged stays to keep them from bulging

The solid rigid handle would keep it from bulging. There is an availability of the rod that runs from end to end on the sides which prevent it from bulging.

Does this have a hard plastic bottom on the outside or footpads? or is it just plain canvas underneath?

It has a canvas bottom with little footpads. some of them have Rubber-like foot pads as well. Padded and adjustable shoulder strap with padded carrying handles also provides an Ideal standard.

Is this bag waterproof or water-resistant? after months of ownership would you still recommend this item?

I think it’s not waterproof. however, I suggest spray it down with some waterproofing shoe spray or fluids, it will allow the water to bead right off of it. After owning this item for some years I would still highly recommend it to you all.

Is the centre compartment large enough to hold a full brim hard-hat?

I don’t know for sure as I don’t have one but it is pretty big so I would think so. I really like these. All of the different sized tools can be organized and can always find them easily, efficiently and effectively.

When front or back are zipped down (exposing the many pockets) will the panels stay open at a 45-degree angle with the elastic bands on each side?

I did not stay it can be opened at a 45-degree angle. It pretty much lays flat, which was my preference and you may be different.it’s not mandatory to have it at this angle to check its elasticity. However, these are much elastic as well.

Will this fit into a standard, over-under locker when it’s fully loaded?

Yes for sure. but I realize when it’s fully loaded the fasteners where the strap clicks open. But I am still really happy with its feedback.


This was the list of top 10 best tool bags which are known for durability, quality materials, large size, easy access and handling at reasonable prices. It would really help those who are in need of having appropriate and legitimate information regarding the best 10 Tool Bags.

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